Diagnosing an electronic fault can be a complicated task

Long gone are the days of just replacing a tube that burnt out. Todays electronics are far more complicated and require specialized skill & equipment to determine what failed - if it's not obvious. Sadly , we've become a throw away society. Many times those devices can be fixed for a reasonable price.

ERS is owned by a Navy Vet trained in electronic repair and relies primarily on referrals for business.

Customer satisfaction is always the ultimate goal.


Our Services

Not every device is repairable. We do our best to repair items as fast as we can. A 90 day warrantee is provided on board repairs. The older a device is, the harder it is to get parts for. In most cases, we can't tell what the fault is until we open up the device and troubleshoot it. We charge $40 -$60 for device diagnostics & minor repairs. The fee covers our labor to do diagnostics on the device and is credited to the final cost on other types of repairs.

TV Repair

We repair all brands of LCD TV's. Unfortunately, cracked screens are not repairable.

Cell Phones

We repair most mobile phones. We do not do screen replacement on phones.


Most laptops are repairable for a reasonable price.


Cheaper to fix than to replace in many instances.

Misc Electronics

Devices fail for different reasons, we don't know why until we look inside.


Bluetooth devices - speakers, key FOBs and more.


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